Automatically sign in to the unattended computer

Last updated on Mar 07, 2024

You can invite the remote user to enter their OS credentials which will allow you to automatically sign into the unattended computer after a reboot and avoid getting stuck on the login screen when the remote user is signed out.

There are two options for enabling automatic sign-in to the unattended machine:

  1. When configuring the unattended access installer
  2. When managing the Unattended app on the remote computer

After you enable this setting, the remote user will be prompted to enter their OS user account credentials. The credentials are securely stored on the remote computer and not transferred anywhere.

Whenever the unattended computer is at the login screen, use the Sign in with provided credentials link in order to log in without entering the username and password:

If the credentials are no longer valid (e.g. the password has been changed), a corresponding error message will be displayed within your remote desktop window. In this case, instruct the remote user to update their credentials in SetMe's Unattended app.