Configure unattended access installer

Last updated on Apr 12, 2024

The following settings are available when configuring an unattended access installer:

  • Name: specify a custom computer name. If you leave this field blank, the remote computer will be assigned its default computer name.

    Leave the Name field blank when generating an .msi for mass installing unattended access so that each remote computer is assigned its default computer name. Otherwise all unattended computers will be created under the same name making it difficult to search for a specific machine in your Unattended list.

  • Folder: assign a folder to the unattended computer.
  • Description: provide a custom description for your unattended computer.
  • Tags: specify any tags to make the computer easier to find within your Unattended list.
  • Allow sign in to the unattended computer: invite the remote user to enter their OS user credentials so you can automatically sign in after reboot.
  • Unattended access permissions: as the unattended computer's owner (i.e. the user that created the installer) you can choose whether you want to manage the remote computer single-handedly or share it with the rest of your team: 
    • Only I can see and access the unattended computer: the remote computer is configured for strictly private unattended access.
    • Any user on my subscription can see and access the unattended computer: provides all users on the account with the ability to access and manage the remote computer.
  • Request the remote user's confirmation when connecting to their computer: when this setting is enabled, the remote user will prompted to accept or decline an incoming unattended connection.
  • Lock (prevent remote user from removing unattended access): restricts the remote user from uninstalling the unattended app from their machine without your consent.