Unattended Access

SetMe's unattended access feature allows you to connect to and manage any remote Windows computer when no one's present at the remote end.

With SetMe's Professional plan, you can access up to 500 unattended devices. Under SetMe Ultimate, you can maintain an unlimited number of unattended devices. Read SetMe's licensing explained article to learn more.

First, you will need to configure and install SetMe's Unattended app on the remote machine. After the installation is completed, you can establish a secure unattended connection to the computer, control its desktop, and perform a variety of tasks as if you were sitting right in front of it.

With SetMe's unattended access you also can:

  • Mass deploy the unattended access client to any number of remote machines or servers with an MSI package.
  • Manage your unattended computers via the Expert console or web portal, as well as perform bulk operations, rename, sort, search, and group them according to your preference.
  • Create custom columns within your unattended list to save time and show information that is valuable to you.
  • Protect the unattended client app from unauthorized or unintentional removal by the remote user. This way the remote user will not be able to delete the unattended client from their computer without your consent.
  • Control user access permissions by selecting which unattended machines are shared across your team or configured for strictly private access.
  • Invite the remote user to enter their system credentials during the unattended setup so that you can automatically sign in to the remote computer without knowing its username and password.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that all unattended client applications are automatically updated in the background, so you can access them at any time without unforeseen delays.