Configure and install unattended access

In order to connect to an unattended remote computer, you will need to install the Unattended application on that machine.

There are two ways to install unattended access with SetMe:

Option 1

Configure and download a custom unattended access installer via the web portal. When configuring the installer, you can take advantage of a variety of useful settings that can be adjusted at any point after the installation is completed. The key benefit of using a custom unattended installer is the ability to run it multiple times on different remote machines as well as mass deploy unattended access with an MSI package.

Option 2

Configure and install the Unattended application during an active support session. The main advantage of using this method is that you won't need to perform any manual actions on the remote computer.

Currently, unattended access can only be installed on Windows remote computers. Support for macOS computers will be added in an upcoming release.