Install unattended access during a support session

Last updated on Apr 12, 2024

SetMe allows you to install unattended access on a remote computer from an ad-hoc support session (i.e. when connected to a remote computer via Client ID).

Installing unattended access requires elevated privileges. If the remote Client application is running with standard user rights, you will first need to perform Run as admin to obtain administrator rights.

To install unattended access in-session:

Step 1

Open the Unattended access tab in your Expert console.

Step 2

If needed, configure any additional unattended access settings. You can always specify/change these settings in your unattended device list at a later point.

Step 3

Click Install unattended access.

If you've chosen to enable automatic sign-in during an unattended connection, the remote user will also be prompted to enter their OS user credentials.

After the installation is completed, SetMe Unattended Client application will appear in the remote computer's Installed Apps list and system tray.

The computer will be added to your Unattended list. You can connect to and manage this computer at any time.

Currently, SetMe's unattended access can only be installed on Windows remote computers. Support for macOS computers will be added in an upcoming release.