Connect to an unattended computer

Last updated on Mar 07, 2024

After unattended access is installed, you can establish a secure connection to the remote computer from your Unattended list.

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Connecting to an unattended computer

To establish a connection to the unattended computer:

Step 1

In the Expert console, open the Unattended tab.

Step 2

Click Connect next to the unattended computer that you wish to access, then confirm the connection.

The remote computer must be online in order to establish connection.

After clicking Connect, you will be automatically redirected to Dashboard. The computer's status will change to Connected which means that you can start remote control and perform any kind of operations with the remote desktop.

The remote user may be prompted to accept your connection request if you've chosen to enable this option when configuring the installer or managing the unattended computer. The connection will be established automatically if no action is taken by the remote user within 30 seconds. If the remote user declines your request, you will see a corresponding status in your Dashboard.

Connecting to multiple unattended computers

You can connect to multiple unattended computers simultaneously with SetMe. For that, select the unattended computers that you wish to access, then click Connect.

At least one of the selected unattended computers must be online in order to establish connection.