Unattended computer statuses

Last updated on Jan 15, 2024

Depending on their current state, remote computers can be displayed with different statuses in your Unattended list. The remote computer's current status allows you to quickly identify whether you can establish a connection or modify its settings.

Use the Refresh button to get the most recent status of the remote computer.

The following statuses are available within the Unattended list:

Online: the remote computer is online. You can connect to the unattended computer and change any of its settings.

Only remote computers with an Online status are available for unattended connection.

Offline: the remote computer's connection to the internet has been lost.

Shut down: the remote computer has been shut down.

Sleep: the remote computer has been put into sleep mode.

Installing: Unattended app is currently being installed on the remote computer.

Revoked: Unattended app has been removed by the remote user.

Hover over the corresponding icon in your Unattended list to see the duration of the computer's current status.