Perform bulk operations

Last updated on Mar 07, 2024

You can perform bulk operations to save time and effort when managing or connecting to multiple computers within your Unattended list.

To perform a bulk operation within your Unattended list:

  1. Select the checkbox next to each unattended computer.
  2. Select the operation that you wish to perform in the unattended toolbar.

Depending on the remote computer's current status, some operations may be unavailable.

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Connect to multiple unattended computers

Bulk edit settings for unattended computers

Delete multiple unattended computers

Connect to multiple unattended computers

  1. Select any remote computers that you wish to access, then click Connect.
  2. Confirm the connection when prompted.

At least one computer must be online in order to establish unattended connection.

Bulk edit settings for unattended computers

You can edit settings for multiple unattended computers by selecting a corresponding option from the Unattended toolbar.


Allows you to move the selected computers to a specified folder. For that, select a folder from the dropdown list or start typing in the Folder name field:

To remove the selected computers from their current folder, leave the Folder name field blank.


Allows you to specify tags for the selected computers in order to make them easier to find within your Unattended list.

Press Enter after each tag if you want to provide multiple tags for your unattended devices.


Allows you to edit/provide description for multiple unattended computers:

Leave the Description field blank if you want to remove the current description for the selected computers.


Allows you to change access permissions for the selected computers:

  • Only I can see and access the unattended computer: the selected computers are configured for strictly private unattended access.
  • Any user on my subscription can see and access the unattended computer: provides all users on the account with the ability to access and manage the selected computers.


Allows you to transfer ownership of the selected computers to another user on your account:

Be aware that if the selected computers are currently not enabled for shared access, you will lose access to these machines immediately after choosing a new owner and confirming the operation.


Allows you to choose if you want to request the remote user's confirmation when connecting to their computer:


Allows you to prevent unauthorized removal of the Unattended app from the selected computers:

Delete multiple unattended computers

  1. Select any remote computers that you wish to remove, then click Delete.
  2. Confirm the operation when prompted.