Create and manage users

Last updated on Apr 09, 2024
User management feature is only available for users who are assigned Administrator roles.

SetMe's user management feature allows you to add new users to your account, easily manage your entire team from a centralized dashboard, and remove or edit users when needed. 

Within the Users section of the SetMe portal, you can view all the names and emails (usernames) of everyone who has access to your SetMe account, easily find, sort, manage users, assign seats and roles for each user, and check their current status to see which users are currently active.

In this article:

Create new users

Click the Add user button and create a new user by providing the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email (Username): this email will be used to log into the SetMe portal and Expert console
  • Password
  • Status: activate or deactivate the user
  • Role: a set of permissions you'd like to provide them (either User or Administrator)
  • Assign seat: allow signing in to SetMe's Expert console and working with remote computers

When creating a new user, you can also enable two-factor authentication for their account and specify an email address for receiving security codes.

Defining roles:

  • Administrator: can create, delete, and edit other users on the account, manage other user's 2FA settings, access and update billing details, make changes to the current subscription plan, and generate reports for other users on the account.
  • User: can only their own connection report and 2FA settings.

You may choose to temporarily deactivate the new user by unchecking the  Status  box. An inactive user will not be able to sign in to the SetMe portal or Expert console until they're enabled by the Administrator.

You may create an unlimited number of users. However, only users with assigned seats (technicians) can sign in to SetMe's Expert console and work with remote computers. See SetMe's licensing explained for more information. 

If you want to create a user without an assigned seat (i.e. prevent them from accessing the Expert Console), uncheck the Assign seat box. In this case, the new user will still be able to work in SetMe's web portal.

After the user is added, they will receive an automated email with their own login credentials. We strongly recommend that all users change their password in the Profile section right after login.

Manage existing users

Hover over a specific user and click the Manage user icon next to their username. Here you can change their Email (username), Full name, Password, Role, Status, reassign seats, and manage two-factor authentication settings.

Leave the password field blank if you want the user to retain their current password.

If you choose to deactivate an active user by unchecking the Status box, the user's current status will be changed to Inactive. Their ongoing connections will be terminated and they will be signed out of the SetMe portal and Expert console. Any reports associated with an inactive user will remain accessible.

Reassign seats

Any administrator on the account has access to managing other users (including other administrators) and therefore can easily reassign the available seats at any time. This gives you the flexibility to grant/revoke access to SetMe's Expert console as needed when seats are being shared amongst a larger number of users on your team.

If the number of users that potentially need to work with remote computers exceeds the number of purchased seats, you can temporarily reassign a seat to a specific user (including yourself) while disabling another user's access to the Expert console.

To reassign a seat to another user:

  1. Click the Manage user icon next to the user you want to remove the seat from and uncheck the Assign seat box.
  2. Hover over the user you want to assign the seat to, click the Manage user icon and check the Assign seat box.

Delete users

Hover over a specific user in the user list and click the Delete icon next to their username.

If you choose to Delete a user, their ongoing connections will be terminated and they will be signed out of the SetMe portal and Expert console. All personal data and reports associated with a deleted user are permanently erased and can't be recovered.