Quick-start guide

Last updated on Mar 04, 2024

SetMe allows you to securely and easily access and control a remote Windows or Mac computer located anywhere in the world. Once connected, you can work and perform a variety of tasks on the remote machine as if you're physically there, as well as transfer files to/from the remote computer. 

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Basic terminology

Expert: a person providing technical support to remote users.

Client (remote user): a person that requests a connection to their computer for the purpose of getting remote technical assistance.

Expert Console: SetMe's desktop application that enables the Expert to access and control remote computers.

Portable Client application: a lightweight application that enables the remote user to communicate with the Expert after establishing a connection. It will be permanently removed from the remote computer as soon as the application window is closed.

Client ID: a unique six-digit identification number used to locate and connect the remote user to the Expert. Each Client ID is only valid for the current remote connection and cannot be reused.

Download the SetMe Expert Console

Step 1

Go to portal.set.me and sign in using your login email and password.

Step 2

Click Open Expert Console. The download will start automatically if the Expert Console is not currently installed on your computer.

The SetMe Expert Console will be automatically started after installation.

Connect to a remote computer

Step 1

Instruct the remote user to go to set.me, download and run the portable Client application and provide you with a Client ID.

Step 2

In the Expert Console, click New connection, enter the Client ID provided by the remote user, then click Connect.

Connect to an unattended computer

Step 1

Go to SetMe Portal > Downloads > Unattended setup and generate a custom unattended access installer.

Step 2

Set up unattended access by running the downloaded installer on the target computer.

Currently, SetMe's unattended access can only be installed on Windows remote computers. Support for macOS computers will be added in an upcoming release.

Step 3

In your Expert console, connect to the computer from the Unattended tab.

Work with the remote desktop

After the connection is established, it will be added to your Client list and you will be able to select one of the following available operations for working with the remote desktop:

Start control: provides you with full control over the remote computer's mouse and keyboard. This allows you to perform all tasks as if you are physically working on the remote computer itself, and transfer data to or from the remote computer.

SetMe is designed for managing remote computers. It does not allow controlling/viewing your own local desktop. This would create an unusable infinite screen loop, which is similar to two mirrors reflecting each other.

Start view: allows you to view the remote desktop without having the ability to control its mouse and keyboard, or transfer data to or from the remote computer.

For an in-depth review of SetMe's features, head over to the Using SetMe section of our help center.